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kishmish Raisin, dry grapes/ किशमिश/ मनुका/ बेदाणा

Nashik grape is a variety of grape produced in Nashik district, which is known as the “grape capital of India“. Nashik contributes to more than half of the total grape export from the country.

We are Nashik based grapes and kishmish producers. Our grape farms are in Niphad, a Taluka in Nashik District in which most of the grape farms can be found. We produce variety of export quality grapes including table grapes and grapes for wine.  We also make Kishmish from these grapes produced.

Kishmish also called as Raisin or dry grapes and can be written as किशमिश or मनुका, बेदाणा in Devnagari Script.

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